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Cable Coating Protection

Asset security through fire protection and 4-Hour UL Approved firestopping for cable, pipe and joints.

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Cable Coating Protection

Nowadays some of the most dangerous and highly flammable materials in a workplace are Electrical Cables (sheaths). Whether on HV, MV or LV Electrical Cables, fire will spread along the surface of the cable to other areas of the facility; not only spreading fire and causing destruction, but also releasing lethal toxic gases such as hydrochloric gas produced by the burning PVC cables. Couple this with water and you have Hydrochloric Acid, which will spread through a facility rendering all electronics obsolete.

The original function of cable coatings was to prevent flame propagation (spread of flame) and stop the loss of assets due to cable fires. There is no doubt that spread-of-flame coatings do stop fires. However, the cable is then lost to the fire, necessitating cable replacement with ensuing downtime, which can last for weeks.

Spread of flame coatings are applied to stop flame propagation only (IEC 60332-3), they are not installed to save the cable. Our cable protection on the other hand stops the flame spread and saves the cable. It is not only tested to IEC 60332-3 and FM3971, but also to IEC60331-11 and IEC60331-21 (750⁰C and 1100⁰C). This is a massive difference in protecting the asset and minimizing downtime and cost.

Specification is as follows:
Hydrocarbon Cable Coating for the protection of Electrical Cables.
90 Minute Fire Rating.
Exterior / Interior Application.
QUV Certified.
5 Gallon Pail (22.5kg).
Colour: White.
Non Toxic / Non Hazardous.

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